Phytoceane Oceapur: Moisture-Matte Cream (50ml)

Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory marine sugars, the Moisture-Matte Cream reduces shine and purifies the skin, while providing the moisture needed for a fresh, bright complexion and flawless skin. Your skin remains supple and shine-free all day long.Immediate and lasting sebo-regulating effect. Part-cream, part-gel texture that is quickly absorbed.Excellent makeup base.Type of Skin: Combination, oily, and problem skin. Ingredients: Jania Rubens: ultra moisturizing; Detoxifying Marine Mud: sanitizing, detoxifying, purifying, absorbent and anti-bacterial; Laminaria Digitata: regulates sebum production; bactericidal, soothing; Chlorella Vulgaris: regenerating. 

Phytoceane Face Collection
Price: $49.00