Phytoceane Calmocea: Desensitizing Soothing Mask ( 50ml)

This treatment soothes even the most reactive skin while, evensing flushed skin tones and irritations. Its light texture provides freshness, comfort and well-being. In just a few minutes, the suppleness, softness, and radiance of the skin are restored.Immediately decongests for a long time. Complexion regains its natural luminosity. Perfectly complements the use of Hydra-Soft Cream. Directions for use: Apply a medium layer to face and neck. Type of skin: Intoerant and reactive skin Ingredients: Jania rubens : ultra-moisturizing. Corallina officinalis : reinforces blood capillaries, regulates microcirculation, diminishes rednesses, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, anti-irritation. Chrysanthellum indicum : soothing, calming. Chlorella vulgaris : regenerating

Phytoceane Face Collection
Price: $45.00