Di Morelli Retinol Serum (50ml)

Di Morelli Retinol Serum is an advanced formula containing Retinol, Vitamin C with Coenzyme Q10, which visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne related blemishes. Retinol stimulates cell turnover, while Vitamin C and Q10 promote collagen synthesis and provide antioxidant benefits, resulting in a healthier more youthful skin. Type of skine: Mature skin. Key Ingredients: Glycerin: A humectant or “water magnet” that binds with water molecules and traps them in skin cells. Replicates and enhances skin’s self-moisturizing ability; Retinol: A form of Vitamin A that is converted to retinol acid in the skin. It works to repair photo damaged skin, acne and other sluggish skin conditions. Retinol helps to normalize cell turnover, increase collagen deposition and bond moisture to the skin; Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: A stable, water-soluble derivative of ascorbic acid. It has antioxidant propertes, aids in collagen synthesis and lightens pigmentation; Ubiquinone: Also known as coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10), it is a Vitamin like, fat-soluble substance present in all human cells Co Q10 stimulates healthy collagen and has antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects; Bisabolol: Is an active plant extract derived from German Chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties; Allantoin: This active ingredierit, originating from comfrey roots, stimulates the cellular renewal and healing process as well as increasing the water content.

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